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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Howring roof...

plans as of late; steady on the look for a grind. it's hard out there. it seems as though the entire population of hiring managers is comprised of two faced grease balls who are too busy peeing on their own legs to call you up for an interview. fuck it...

so a warehouse space in the city or oakland? a house in cambell? i like cupertino but i gotta get out for a little bit. working at coffee society definitely opened my eyes to what's going on. all those who stay here are just bitter weirdos that spend their days working away at some crappy job just to go kick it at coffee society and complain about shit with other jaded fucks. i'm probably gonna end up jaded but it might as well be after i do a bunch of cool shit, right?

right at this moment though, i'm very comfortable and am about to cook some food and have a drink.

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