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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

shit's fucked son

My car has been fucked for days. It wasn't even that bad, I was just being kinda lazy and decided that I would just walk the earth like the J-man. But, recently I've caved to society and decided to get that piece back on the streets and get my ass a job. but now while working on my car I fucked it up even worse than it was before. i don't even think it's fixable from here. i think it's over.

my ass hole of a father is pressuring me to join the military everyday. I think he tends to forget about what that institution did to his father. The late grandfather would nightmares crying in his sleep (and this was 60 years after the war) and mostly sat alone drinking not wanting to talk to anyone. I feel bad that I ever as a child played into that appeal of the military. it's a horrible institution responsible for the worst things in this world. and to my dad, a man who claimed exemption from the vietnam war thinks it's the best joke ever.

I'm fucking sick of all this double talk from people. oh yeah, the war in iraq should be over but the military is a great way to make money. do you realize what you just said? war is bad, but it's cool if you're just doing it to make some money.
I'm thinking in the future when every country has nukes, there's going to be no need for an army anymore. it's all gonna be mercenaries. and nano machines. yeah i saw the previews for MGS4. but come on, who didn't see that shit coming?

and today, on the east side some kid's funeral got shot up. yeah, people shot up the church.
and 1 in 8 babies is being born premature.


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