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Monday, April 28, 2008

limbo limbo

Interview at this place tomorrow. other than that, the job hunt continues. i really need some money, i'm eating like a poor orphan in la cuña.

I also found the best liquor store ever. mad ingo flayva. it's run by these dudes who love good beer and get something new in their selection every week. on the marquis outside, it says "paper back evenings, hard cover nights", i'm still figuring out what that means...

the cafe im in right now makes what looks like the most amazing sandwiches and i really wish i could afford one. if you're in the area of telegraph and durrant, i highly suggest you check out sufficient grounds.


Shona said...

check me out like:

lizperez said...

im scrappin as much cash together so we can eat and drink like middle americans.

2 weeks homie. 2 weeks. and to celebrate my sanity, i bought a pint of tsingtao for 1.99.

plus, i owe you a few beers or somethin for your birthday. like 4 beers for every birthday ive missed. yeah? ok bye.