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Sunday, April 13, 2008

steak sandwiches and fix gear bikes

So i've been absent for a minute dudes. sorry to those I have flaked on in the past while. life has been a bit hectic as of late. with mandatory AA meetings and moving, and court dates and looking for work and falling in to an ass load of bikes a brother's life gets a bit erratic. but in less than 48 hours i'll be laying my head to rest at my new hermitage the B. I can hardly contain myself!
but wait, what was that bit about your ass and bikes you say? well i'll tell you. a few days ago i ran into this dude who used to come in to my work all the time. we started talking about bikes and this dude was dropping mad knowledge on your boy. he then gave me enough parts and frames and wheels to build some 6 bikes. sick right? so any brahs want to help me build some bikes?

next stop, get myself a bus pass and find a decent burrito spot close by.

so i'm thinking that this blog is gonna drift away from bullshit i happen to be reading on the internets and move into the role of telling you where i'm at and the shit i'm doing. when i'm on a pilgrimage in ethiopia, you'll read it here first. who want's to read a bunch of retarded shit i read on my computer anyways?

ps, the photo above is of tonyB bacon-beat and ohad the 3 point ruler and ya boy conorea editing the nasty nate video.
peep the 7 foot damaja and other awesome videos right meow.

increase the peace

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