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Saturday, May 24, 2008

gustando mi baile baby!!!!

scratch the last comment about 45 year olds, it's all about 50 yearolds. JP. but seriously, im having a great time up in berkeley. working hella much and rolling around. i met josh kornbluth the other day when he came in to see indiana jones. we talked about his new movie him and his brother are making which is supposed to take a few notes from early peter jackson, (i know, right?) and his new tv show, which he says will be better than his last one. we can only hope.

I've also been talking to this old russian guy who gave me some good book recommendations and and interesting theory on how beowulf is actually a premonition of the eventual battle between us and the machines. I'm not holding out much hope for man kind, especially berkeley students.

hope to be getting down to cupertino next week. until then, keep it real.


Bookishthief said...

Did you watch that bullshit, planters wart of a movie?

beverages said...

kingdom of the crystal skull-fuck?
i did indeed.
most weak, indi has gone soft like a dusty shlong.

where you been mother fucker? don't tell me the space between spaces!