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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Would it really be that bad if McCain became president? Just sayin'. Obama has got it on a good lock but i feel like he could lose it. whereas McCain has been in the shit for a minute. Experience isn't everything, but I think McCain has a much more real sense of his political mortality. He's survived the attacks of satan's poodle karl rove and still jumps right back in the pit. the whole situation reminds me of the race between dewy and truman.

dewy was the highly charismatic and highly favored candidate. all national polls showed him raping the mister Truman prison style. But I think it was because of that predicted stomping that he is just an earmark in history today. He was handicapped by his greatness. He worked hard not to upset anyone and cater to all groups. But truman on the other hand, knew he had a fight on his hands and came out swinging for all 12 rounds. they said that on Dewy's train the drink was martini's and the game was bridge. on Truman's train it was scotch and poker.

Obama has some OG hardbodies in his corner and his game plan is tight. I hope he's holding back some speed though because there's still quite a bit of distance to go. Hillary's bloodlust didn't help much but it's really only the beginning.

in a fight between a young undefeated come up and a seasoned vet with an asymmetrical face and a few losses on his belt, chances are it's gonna be a learning experience for the youngblood and if Obama doesn't win it could make or break him.

I am a fan of what the man Obaba has done and his spirit is infectious, but McCain is a pipe hittin' mother fucker and I cant give up on him(nh). remember his campaign back in 2000? I'm sure he hasn't. and if he wins, I have a feeling it would be the biggest rope a dope of all time. more dope than hannibal and his elephants.

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