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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

emergency broadcast system in my cell phone

I've been having these hella weird and super vivid dreams for the past few days. It probably has something to do with the amount of hash I've been smoking prior to it or the amount of oatmeal i've been eating.

one i got in an argument with my grandma where she accused me of being a commie bastard to which I replied by shaking her around and telling her about the benefits of socialist policies. maybe this is the sequel to the one I had where I ended up in a pro wrestling match with reagan.

last night's dream was super fucked up to say the least. i wont go into details, but it involved disembowelment, hostage taking, the animal planet, race cars and welsh elitists. it was then interrupted by the city's emergency broadcast system which is basically a bunch of huge speakers that start making noises that make you think were about to get bombed and then make you think your cell phone is going off in your head.

I'm thinking of having a bbq at berkeley and inviting my homies but i have none of the things necessary for a bbq and i'm pretty sure nobody would be willing to drive up here.

so, anybody doing something awesome? I'll bring a lot of warm beer.

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