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Saturday, July 19, 2008

smoke weed and listen to wu-tang

germany is crazy. i think WW deuce might have been a good thing for them since it seems that it killed off all the bavarian hicks and now all that's left are bluds who smoke

good weed and design cool stuff i can't afford.
such cool people need cool stuff to do. like chessboxing. two dudes get in a ring, play chess, then box.

the idea is a lot better than how it comes out. but that's probably due partly to the fact that german chess players suck at boxing. colombian chessboxing would be way more sick but colombians are way to dumb to play chess.

and in other big shit poppin'; new conor mobile. coming to a blunt spot near you.


John O'Day said...

the streets is listening.

beverages said...


probably just you and shona

but yo mane. you want to go see bat man like this week? i might be going back to the b tomorrow but im gonna hit you and shona up.

let's coordinate

Shona said...

EYEZ SEENTED IT. but i'm up for an IMAX round two ting.