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Thursday, April 3, 2008

hang over jams

Late night encounters with shitty vodka do not do a body good. But when my head is about to fall off i like to read, and play some music and keep it eire. boooyyyyeee.

mr vegas - must come a road

Lot's of beer and good conversations the other night. the music, not so much, but i still got drunk enough to shake my ass.
some thoughts:
if the game is fixed you should still play.
but only if it's a game worth playing.
the smoking section is what's up.
say what you mean to avoid regret.
i did and i don't.

and most importantly, fuck other people's expectations, because i'm not here to live up to a standard other than my own and neither are you.

also, i really love this video set to a speech by carl sagan. taken from dustin's blog. thanks brodie.

some pieces are just made up of smaller pieces. some parts sold separately.

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Thomas Awful said...

here, here (hear, hear?) on the expectations game.


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