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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

easy come easy go

I love the Bay. It's the perfect mix of cities, towns, countryside, forest and ocean all circumnavigated by one of the finest most tolerable public transportation systems around. the hidden beauty and vastness of culture to it is endless.

Basically what i'm saying is the new york thing is dunzo. It feels like it was over before it even began. but for the summer i'll be posted up in the B. Even though I hate 90 percent of Berkeley, it does have about one degree of cool that I can cope with until I can get set up over in the city.

so now it's time to find some some like minded social entrepreneurs (hopefully some south bay cats trying to get their shit together?) who would be willing to invest in a warehouse and/or store front and get shit poppin! The only stipulations I have are as follows;

-If all you do is smoke weeds and chill then walk your ass back to kezar and haight cuz I got no time for losers. at the moment that's the only thing I have against anyone. if that's your thing then by all means, but I find most of your brethren to be passive aggressive, uninspiring and untalented. xbox does not count as an activity.

-If you do at and are serious about it then by all means come on by. unless you suck, then in which case thumbs up and don't let the door hitya where the good lord splitya.

-If you have good ideas and can benefit the cause let's drink some beers and rap about it.

there will be more to follow but right now i hella want to go on a bike ride so, until later, increase the peace.

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