my brain's on swol

Saturday, August 16, 2008

coming at you live from pantera bread

my life is slowly starting to resemble a turn of the 90's action movie.

im going to be a navy cook. no seriously.

im going to vietnam missing in action style to the tilt. and i have 2 weeks to reconcile with the sjpd and sfpd.

shit, fuck it. in to the fray with a bottle of hootch.


John O'Day said...

conor on some other shit!

Shona said...

now in english, please.

beverages said...

my bad,
coherency is a scarce commodity when you're stuffing your face with chicken salad and corn chowder.

let's have a night of some heavy drinking soon.

Shona said...

i'm still a bit confused but if i read correctly, it appears you're being shipped off to a movie from 1964.

beverages said...

well, yeah pretty much. shit is getting ridiculous.