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Friday, August 1, 2008

my mom blawgz, big up!

so maybe this will destroy my hardbody image but i'm gonna give my mom's blog a shout.

so far she's got some sleeping in and a some boozing up to do with her crew. they sew. don't hate.

give her a shout or some words of wisdom over at The Life-After
LoLerskates mom.

Don't Sleep!


This is the best thing ive sen on the internet in a while, no offense mom.


Thomas Awful said...

dude. that fucking rules. mom blogging too, but esp bert and ernie. good looking out. now on to stealing shit!

elinorina said...

Aw, Conor, that was awesome. Thanks for supporting me in my BLOGGINGGGGG..... This retirement s**t is the best... Yeah, right... XOXOXO, Mom